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Hi, I’m Daren Casagrande, and I’m here to help.

Growing up in San Jose California, I work as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT92438) and I am the founder of Clearly Better Counseling. Throughout my career, I have witnessed my patients suffering and not getting the results they were looking for. I know the toll it takes being hurt by others over long periods of time, being sent consistent negative messages, and the sense that you’re left to your own devices to figure out or solve the problems of life. It’s rough to feel like there are mountains of problems to solve all on your own with no guidance or support along the way. This can ultimately lead to feeling like the problem is you, that it’s your responsibility to figure it all out and if you can’t, it can leave you feeling like a failure.

I know this from seeing it with my clients and I know this because I too have experienced those feelings. I’ve seen countless therapists who were not helping their clients get to the root of their problems.

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And as a therapist, I was fed up.

I’ve counseled clients who have tried everything in the book- talk therapy, medications, experimental therapies, self-help guidance, all leaving them with limited results and feeling helpless. They’re looking for someone who gets them, who knows they deserve more, and can match the energy and effort they’re putting into their healing. They’re looking for something they couldn’t find by themselves, something that works.

Working with Clearly Better Counseling means you have people on your team. Working alongside you, collaborating and supporting you so you can get better, faster. Our methods aren’t easy, they’re going to challenge you and give you more than just empathy. Our methods are laser-focused on your goals and concrete action items and will leave you with results you can measure and literally see and feel in every aspect of your life. 

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Backed by Science

Frustrated with the lack of results I was witnessing from traditional therapeutic techniques, I wanted to go beyond the murky waters of self-help and dive deep into methods aligned with neuroscience to really understand the way our minds and personalities align with how our brain functions.

A transformative experience was learning about TEAM-CBT and Coherence Therapy. Created by Dr. David Burns, a renowned psychiatrist, TEAM-CBT therapy is a new framework for conducting measurement-based therapy that is proven to be more effective than traditional therapy. Using over 100 cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal methods this form of therapy helps with depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety.

At Clearly Better Counseling, we use a combination of science-backed methods such as this to create a highly-personalized plan to support the whole person, track and gather data, and adjust based on personal needs. Our program is customized based on the individual so you know you’re not just getting a cookie-cutter, one size fits all solution.

You don’t have to suffer anymore

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States. It can affect your ability to process emotions, sleep properly, and handle daily activities. A combination of factors can cause depression, such as genetic factors, environmental stress such as financial problems, fractured relationships, loss of a loved one, significant life changes, and illness.

If you’re battling depression, it’s common to turn to a form of self-medication like numbing out in front of the TV, reaching for a drink, gambling, or filling the void however you can. Often, mental health professionals are quick to prescribe medications that may help alleviate some symptoms but don’t get the root of the issue.

Let’s stop putting a band-aid on a gushing wound. Working with Clearly Better Counseling means you are not taking the easy route, but you are directly targeting the source of your suffering. With a combination of science-backed methods, there’s no need to continue feeling this way and we’re here to help.

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